What Supplies do I Must Have for Permanent Makeup?

What supplies do I need for permanent makeup? That is one of the most common questions asked by beginners. In order to become excellent in the PMU industry, you need some essential items to help you on your journey. Here are the necessary equipment you need in your PMU kit. 


Permanent makeup machine

What Supplies do I Must Have for Permanent Makeup

Permanent makeup artists can use different types of machines, but the most common is the rotary machine. All permanent makeup procedures require a powerful and reliable PMU machine, so it is best to choose machines from some of the most trusted manufacturers in the industry. For those just starting out in the business, charme princess' Mercury series and dragonhawk Mast rotary machines balance performance with affordability. For those who prefers a high-end machine, the machines from Microbeau, the industry leader in permanent makeup manufacturers, are powerful and practical with a sleek design aesthetic, while Cheyenne machines are known for their precision manufacturing and simple design. To learn more about pmu machines, you can read our article "Best Permanent Makeup Machine 2022".

Choosing them well is essential, as they are extensions of your hand and your main tool.

Permanent makeup needles

charme princesse needle cartridges

Permanent makeup needles are also one of the most important tools in the PMU kit. Now most popular permanent makeup machines use cartridge needles, before buying needles, find out if your machine is compatible with universal cartridge needles. Permanent makeup needles are come in different diameter, taper, needle count and configurations for different procedures to achieve different results. The answer to the question of how to buy the right needles is given in our article ”How to Choose the Right Permanent Makeup Needle?

Permanent makeup pigments

Pigments are the inks that are specially designed and created for permanent makeup. As a PMU artist, it is important to have a variety of permanent makeup pigments so that you can perfectly match the color and tone of any client's skin and hair. High quality permanent makeup pigments from top brands such as Ever After, Custom Colors, Perma Blend and Mei-Cha are recommended. Choosing high quality pigment will prolong the life of your client's brows, so choose wisely and invest in high quality pigment. For more details you can read "How To Choose And Identify Pigment".

Practice Skins

For the complete beginner, using PMU machines on actual person is overwhelming. Therefore, before implanting the pigment into actual human skin, a lot of practice on practice skin is necessary. From the complete newbies to the experienced artist, or when learning new techniques and trying new needles cartridge/pigments, the practice skin plays a vital role. We stock contour pads and flat practice pads that allow artists to experiment with different techniques and evaluate how they look on different clients.

Numbing cream

To ensure that the client is comfortable during the treatment and to reduce pain, numbing cream should be a crucial element. It is based on lidocaine and is used to numb specific areas of tissue and is perfectly safe.

Mapping tool

Mapping tool is used for precise eyebrow measurement, they include mapping threads, rulers, mapping calipers, etc. With it, you will be able to create ideal symmetrical brow shapes that enhances the natural features of your clients.

Pigment rings

Pigment rings go on your finger and is filled with the pigment. They are designed to allow artists to work quickly and efficiently. You can also mix pigments in the pigment ring to achieve the perfect shade.

Barrier film

The barrier film has two uses, one is that it can be placed on the eyebrow or lip area covered with anesthetic cream, its purpose is to increase the absorption of the anesthetic cream. Secondly, it can keep the treated area sterile before and after the procedure. Not necessary, but a great help.



Gloves must be worn at all times, as they protect you and the client from infection and cross-contamination due to the possibility of bleeding during treatment. In addition, choose latex-free gloves to avoid any adverse reactions.

Face masks

Wear masks to cover your mouth and nose when working with clients; they will not only prevent you from breathing on your clients while working, but also reduce the chance of potential infection. Hair nets and disposable aprons also serve the same purpose

Disinfecting wipes

Disinfectant wipes are a must for all PMU artists and can be used on your client's face to ensure the treatment area remains clean and sterile. Never skip this step to avoid any unnecessary complications.


Effective in both cleaning and completely disinfecting reusable items such as machine grips, autoclaves use high pressure, heat and steam to eliminate 99.99% of germs, viruses and bacteria.

Other tools

PMU travel Case

When you need to go out for training to learn a new technology or provide door-to-door service, you can put all the items you need in a case and organize them clearly.

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