Charme Princesse Permanent Makeup Cartridge Needle for Eyebrow RL 10pcs Lyre EN51
Charme Princesse has strong reputation as a permanent makeup needle cartridge factory manufacturer on the international PMU market. Our round liner eyebrow tattoo cartridge needles ensures optimal performance for eyebrow design. Lyre PMU needles deliver an exceptional ink flow with...
Charme Princesse Permanent Makeup Cartridge Needle for Eyebrow Flat 10pcs Lyre EN51
Flat PMU Permanent Makeup Needle Cartridges specifically designed for PMU procedures. Many cosmetic tattoo procedures require a steady flow of pigment to achieve even saturation. When creating gradient eyebrow or pixelated eyeliner, our Flat tip controls the flow of pigment for perfectly...
Charme Princesse Permanent Makeup Professional Nano Microneedles Lyre
We present the creation in permanent makeup. The production of high-quality cartridges helps our customers achieve perfect results, especially in MTS. Features Made of 316L surgical stainless steel and medical-grade plastic with good toughness, painless to make MTS. Each permanent makeup...
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