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Define Precision. Define PMU World.


Under the constant communication with artists, Charme Princesse puts the feedback of artists into our newly designed products: SAI cartridges born for details, enabling artists to create fine lines and realistic hair strokes.
We've introduced a new design: The transparent housing with elongated tip profile provides maximum visibility and helps prevent spattering during operation. The quick rebound silicone membrane prevents backflow, reduces noise and reduces vibration, so you can achieve beautiful results while being gentle on your skin.


  • Transparent detachable tip: Allow artists to see ink flow and make small adjustments while working.
  • Dual side vents shell design: Decompressing vacuum action, minimising spraying.
  • Elongated tip profile: Enhances field of view and helps prevent spattering during operation.
  • Siphon aisle needle tip: The siphon effect resolves the flow of viscous ink.
  • Quick rebound silicone membrane: Advanced membrane system top prevent back flow, reduce noise and reduce shaking during operation.
  • Highest Medical Grade Quality: Medical-grade 316 stainless steel needle

Lead The Way To Precision

Consistency of needle configuration is an important aspect checked by Charme Princesse's quality control team. During the inspection process, each needle is checked with several magnification tools to ensure proper looseness, flatness of the needle tip, and length of taper.


This refer to width of the needles before they taper to a point. Thinner needles are ideal for delicate skin layers such as the face, as they are gentler on the skin and can result in less trauma to the delicate facial skin.
SAY needles are available in 3 diameter options: from 0.20mm to 0.35mm.  


This is how many individual needles are within one configuration. For example, single needle has one needle and is suitable for delicate linework on the face while a triple shader cartridge for shading in permanent makeup eyebrows.
SAY needles has 1, 3, and 5 needle cartridges.


Customize your exclusive needles

Customize the color and logo

We can customize the shell color and end cup color, just for you.

Precision Is Key

Charme Princesse focuses on designing and manufacturing cosmetic tattoo needles of practical designs. As premium manufacturer, the cartridge casing and the needle bar ends are made using medical grade plastic. The elastic band inside the cartridge system is made using medical grade silicone. All needles are made with Type 316 stainless steel.
The needle surface is treated with 3-layer process. It could hold & deposit more color quickly which causes less skin trauma. Unique cartridge stabilizing mechanism is prevented from wobbling and keep your needles on track. So no matter what technique you use, it will help you get perfect results.


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