Practice skins- Your PMU career good helper

Practice skins are essential for any complete beginner who is just entering the Permanent Makeup industry. Various types of practice skins can help you from a complete novice to a proficient master, and continue to learn new technologies and try new machines / Cartridges. In all training courses, it is essential that students perform extensive practice on practice skins using their hand tools or machines. After a lot of practice, using microblading or a PMU machine on a real person is no longer intimidating and overwhelming.

Throughout this article, we'll introduce you to all the different types of practice skin available at Charm Princess so that you can decide which type is best for you.

Depending on the type of treatment you are training or want to practice, you can choose the appropriate type of practice skin. 

Multiple treatments


The perfect choice for multiple treatments is this removable 3D practice face---both eyes and a mouth are removable, which can be used for practicing lips, microblading eyebrows, machine brows, eyeliner and freckles. The practice face is life-size for enhanced realism and is removable for easy washing and wiping. Made of soft silicone, realistic and smooth surface, feel comfortable.


This practice skin includes 4 pairs of eyebrows, 4 lips and 2 sets of eyes, which can be used for microblading, microshading, eyeliner and lip blushing practice. The pads come in a variety of lip shapes so artists can try out different techniques and evaluate how they look on different clients.

This practice skin includes 4 pairs of microblading eyebrows, and 4 lips, which can be used for microblading, and lip blushing practice. And the hair strokes of microblading is slightly different, for beginners to try.



This practice skin includes 6 pairs of microblading eyebrows, flexible and has a similar feel as human skin, allow beginners to improve hair strokes and shaping abilities.

Compared with microblades tattoo practice skin, this one has more functions and is suitable for practicing various techniques such as: MICROBLADING, MICROSHADING, OMBRÉ BROWS. Suitable for beginners with a certain foundation and artists who want to practice new techniques.


This practice skin features synthetic lip contours that will help you perfect your permanent make-up and lip pigmentation techniques before you attempt to work on real skin.

We recommend this realistic 3D Silicone Lips Practice Skin if you are looking to practice new techniques and improve your lips mapping and permanent makeup skills, it’s perfect for permanent makeup artists, academies and trainers. The silicone lips practice skin allows you to better control the contouring and symmetry, which enables you to understand how much pressure you need to apply during the pmu process, which helps you to achieve the desired pmu styles.


Practice on fruit and pig skin

There are many artists who choose to practice on fruit and pigskin, and different types of fruit are really good props for microblading because they can simulate different skin types. Oranges can mimic thick skin with open pores, apples can mimic smooth, average-thick skin , grapes can mimic thin skin, and potatoes can mimic ripe skin. Pigskin is closer to human skin, which is also one of the best practice props. But we all know that fruit is very perishable and you only have a short chance to use it for practice, and pigskin is more difficult to deal with before it becomes your practice prop. And practice skin can be used at any time, and it is not a one-time product. Practice skin quality and thickness will never change over time.

Besides that, practice skins are specially designed for PMU and rigorously tested. It stretches and feels and colors like real skin, realistically replicating the way pigments appear in skin, and in addition to practicing the corresponding technique, it also helps students the colour theory and pigment selection.

Start your PMU career off right by investing in high quality, realistic practice skins.

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