Eyebrows, play a major role in our facial appearance and facial expressions. Not everyone is naturally blessed with perfect eyebrows - not too straight, too high or too low, too bright or too dark, and many have thin hairy eyebrows, bald patches, or very light eyebrows. Thanks to the techniques nowadays we have, we can use permanent makeup to help us create a right eyebrow.

Most cosmetic clinic offer the following types of PMU for eyebrows:

  • Microblading
  • Microshading
  • Ombré Brows
  • Combo brows

If you're not sure which type of treatment to choose, here's a comprehensive comparison that can help you choose one that will complement your natural beauty.


Microblading Microshading Ombré Brows Combination
Effect Hair-like strokes, Natural-looking Powder-like finish More powdery and fluffy with a faded front and a crisp tail Denser, more defined brows
Perfect for Clients who want natural-looking brows instead of dramatic ones Very sparse brows Clients who prefer a more dramatic effect and
clients who are fashion-forward
Clients who want a little bit of both the microblading and microshading styles
Suitable Skin Type Normal to dry skin Oily and sensitive skin Oily skin Various skin types
Tool Manual microblades Combination of manual tool and machine Permanent makeup machine Combination of manual tool and machine
Cost $400 – $800 $300 – $1,000 $450 – $1,000 $500 – $1,000



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Eyebrow microblading is also called brow embroidery, micro-stroking and feather tattoos.

The procedure is that the artist uses microneedles to manually implant the pigment into the surface layer of the skin. Every hair stroke is hand-painted, making the brows look very natural. Microblading is a revolutionary technique compared to traditional eyebrow tattooing, as tattooed eyebrows tend to look unnatural. The tattoos use black ink and the brows tend to turn blue/green over time and you can end up with blocky brows. Whereas Microblading brows have a more natural look, using natural pigments to apply extremely thin hair-like lines with hair strokes that follow natural hair growth patterns. Pigments with yellow and orange undertones heal with a more natural brown color. Usually after six to twelve months, the eyebrows will lighten and require touch-up. This technique is recommended if your skin is stable, youthful, insensitive or red.


Microshading is a procedure in which a beauty technician uses pigment ink and a hand tool to place tiny pin-like dots over the brow area to fill in thin spots, it creates a soft, powdered effect that resembles eyebrow powder. Microshading is highly recommended for those with sensitive and oily skin. This is because the technology used is better suited to their skin type than microblading.


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The ombre powder brows is also a form of tattooing, but a more modern technique that applies pigment to the epidermis of the skin using a digital machine to create the most natural shading. The technique is exactly what the name describes - powdery and fluffy, lighter in the front and denser and bolder in the tail, creating a gradient effect. This technique can create full brows for people who have almost no eyebrows of their own. This technique is also more suitable for women with oily skin. The color doesn't turn gray quickly. Eyebrows tend to become lighter after 9 to 18 months, so they usually need a touch-up once a year, depending on skin type and lifestyle.


artwork made by @pueswowbeautyandbrows

Combination brows is a mixture technique is a combination of ombre and microblading. The combo brow procedure is different from microshading, as it is a full shaded brow (using a PMU machine) with microbladed hair strokes only at the front part of the brow. Combination brows are for clients who prefer "Instagram brows", those with thick and uneven brows, and those who still want some hair-like natural look at the front of their brows. This is for clients who don't have an oily T-zone, as microblading strokes can heal less crisp on oilier skin.


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