What causes the most common red eyebrows after eyebrow tattoos?

Although the current semi-permanent technique has long since gotten rid of old-fashioned eyebrow tattoos, red and blue eyebrows rarely appear. But why do some people get red eyebrows after eyebrow tattooing for a while?

The following is a detailed analysis of some common factors of red after finishing eyebrows.

⚡1 The needle is too shallow, too dense

The needle does not enter the epidermis or the density of the needle is too high. It is operated on a wide range of the skin surface, irritating the skin, causing serious skin damage, even bleeding, and immediate redness of the eyebrows.

⚡2 Go empty needle

Some novice tattoo artists worry that the color is too dark, the color material is not frequently stained, and the empty needle travels too much. As a result, the amount of color material entering the skin is too small, and the redness of the skin after stimulation appears directly, especially the original To do shallow brow area performance is serious.

⚡3 Sensitive skin

Of course, in addition to the technique problem, it may also be caused by the customer's physical factors: the customer's skin is naturally sensitive, and it will become red after a few rubs. Or when doing eyebrows, the customer's skin happens to be in the sensitive period, and the skin becomes red.

⚡ 4 Menstrual period is approaching

Eyebrow tattoos are forbidden during menstrual period and breastfeeding period, especially if some sensitive customers are approaching the menstrual period, they can cause the eyebrows to become red immediately.

 ⚡5 Color matching problem

Most of the brand colorants in the market, such as "light coffee", "strong coffee", and "light brown", have most of the red elements. Using it alone will often result in reddish eyebrows. After severely finishing the eyebrows, they will begin to appear reddish. Ideally, they will gradually become red after a long period of time.

Because the pigment is metabolized at any time, after the melanin is metabolized, the precipitation of red pigment is left. Everyone knows that melanin is easy to excrete and red pigment is not easy, so this is a test of the tattoo artist's color matching.

⚡6Color quality

Many customers who do not know about semi-permanent eyebrow tattoos encounter redness in their eyebrows. Their first reaction is the pigment problem. They are worried that when they encounter old-fashioned industrial pigments, the pigment implanted in the skin will cause redness of the eyebrows. Charme Princesse's pigment ink can avoid this problem.

It is normal for the newly-made eyebrows to have slight redness. After all, the skin is not a training skin. As long as there is damage, there will be a stress response. Customers must explain patiently if they have questions. Pay attention to calm the customer's emotions and wait for it to recover naturally. If the infection is complicated, anti-inflammatory treatment should be done in time.

So how to solve the redness in the late period of eyebrow tattoo?

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