Quelle Wireless Permanent Makeup Machine Pen E58
The universal PMU machine's system is versatile model. It offers the across-the-board permanent makeup treatment functionality and leading the beauty world of permanent makeup.Most be loved wireless Permanent Makeup pen for its reliable results on ombre powder eyebrows, lip line, and eyeliner micropigmention treatment. Features Patent for utility models. 2.5mm...
Violet Wireless Permanent Makeup Machine Pen E41
New Released All-Round PMU MachineSummer Deal 20%OFF  Now Only $116.79   With high speed and strong stable hollow cup motor, the internal core adopts high-performance drive conversion mode, which ensures the stability of needle output during micropigmentation and improves the motor...
Vega Wireless Permanent Makeup Machine EMK161
USECODE "20%OFFVEGA" TO SAVE 20% OFF Price after discount: $128 Professional permanent makeup machine and Charme Princesse Best Seller. The construction and all solutions used in the PMU machine have been carefully thought out. This Charme Princesse Vega Wireless PMU Device has...
Charme Princesse Wireless Permanent Makeup Pen RITA EM162
We believe that the wireless pen is the most comfortable way for a PMU artist to create masterpiece. The Rita wireless cosmetic tattoo pen combines permanent makeup functions in one device, which achieves maximum freedom. Designed by the professional team...
E33 Brown Digital Wireless Permanent Makeup Machine
Another new member of cordless permanent makeup machine family! Designed for precision, the E33's slim profile design allows for stable and easy maneuvering. With a 2.1mm stroke length, perfect for hairstrokes, powder brows, lips, eyeliner, and detailed work, which helps permanent makeup artists achieve flawless artworks. The...
Charme Princesse Revolutionary Galaxy Wireless Permanent Makeup Machine Pen
The Galaxy’s precise performance make it the ideal device for artists who aim for the best possible results. The Charme Princesse Galaxy is a wireless permanent makeup machine, comes with 2 detachable Power Packs, so you have the freedom to...
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