Charme Princesse Dual Use PMU & Microneedling Machine
Charme Princesse has changed industry-leading game, bringing you Dual Use PMU & microneedling machine. You can now perform microneedling treatments and permanent makeup procedures with just one rotary tattoo machine! Adjustable five-speed design to meet unlimited beauty programs, 1-2 gears are...
Dr. Pen A9 Professional Microneedling Pen
Compatible with the A9 Replaceable Cartridge Needles. Parameter: Needle material: Stainless Steel Target Area: Face Input: AC 100-240V 50/60Hz Adapter: 5V,1000mA Needle Adjustable Length: 0mm - 2.5 mm Speed Level: adjustable 6000-10000 Cycles/min Battery Capacity: 500mAh Weight: 420g Length: Body...
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