Charme Princesse Dual Use PMU & Microneedling Machine E27
A PMU machine can be for microneedling is a valuable addition to your portfolio, will deliver a highly effective, safe, and proven method of skin tightening and anti-ageing. Charme Princesse brings you Dual Use PMU & microneedling machine. You can...
Dr. Pen A10 Microneedling Pen
Dr. Pen A10 is a wireless skin rejuvenation device for microneedle and nanoneedle treatments. Take skin of all ages to the next level with Dr. Pen A10 and feel more confident in your new skin. Dr. Pen offers the control...
Dr. Pen A9 Professional Microneedling Pen
The Dr. Pen A9 Microneedling Kit is for microneedle treatment on the body, face, neck and scalp. Use it with A9 microneedle to creat tiny micro-channels on the surface of the skin. The A9 device promotes the skin's regeneration process...
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