Wireless Charme Princesse Permanent Makeup Machine Lyre L5
A device that will immediately catch the eye thanks to its elegant appearance. The slim housing is made of brushed aluminum. You are certain to enjoy the benefits of this device's small, compact design. Features Adjustable insertion depth, adjustable frequency....
Charme Princesse Wireless Permanent Makeup Machine Lyre
The Charme Princesse Lyre permanent makeup pen features a 10W German motor, which resulted in a long-lasting work period and a high steady working speed with less vibration. The wireless lightweight design is easy to do the operation, specifically beneficial for...
Charme Princesse Permanent Makeup Machine Pen Lyre L2
The Charme Princesse machine is a PMU machine that has been specifically designed to offer you a cheap but cost-effective machine.  The Lyre2 has a comfortable, grip and a balanced design. The machine is easy to manoeuver and the lightweight...
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